The MS Energy Blueprint

Easy 6 steps to sustainable” increased energy levels” for women living with  Multiple Sclerosis:
Fatigued to Fabulous

90 day MS Recovery Transformational Program

Step 1- MS Energy Nutrition: Learn how to make simple shifts when and what to eat that allows gaining long lasting energy and focus. Learn how to eat for energy without feeling deprived.

Step 2MS Energy Body: Tap into your body’s inner wisdom to be guided to your best health. As you learn to listen to your body, you’ll find the answers to your healing.

Step 3MS Energy Movement: Exercising with MS can be difficult, but let's make it simple. In this step, you’ll discover how to find the right balance of activity for you that is not only do-able but enjoy-able.

Step 4MS Energy Self-Care: In this step you'll learn to get back to the top of your to-do list by managing your environment so that you can start living fully again!

Step 5MS Energy Lifestyle: Say goodbye to a poor night’s sleep and say hello to waking refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. Learn how to relax, let go and achieve restorative sleep every night.

Step 6MS Energy Mindset: Our mindset is a part of our overall well-being. In this step you will learn that our thoughts and feelings we experience impact the actions we take in our day-to-day lives. Learn how to change your mindset, so that you can master your life!

Program Features

  • You’ll receive 1:1 live coaching sessions

  • Email support

  • Training Videos

  • Free resources, tools and tips

  • Live tele-conferencing training

  • Videos

  • Access to private Facebook group & resource library

  • Audio downloads

  • Handouts and blueprints

  • Access to group coaching (coming soon)

  • Special invitations to live workshops

  • Monthly newsletter

As a Master Certified Wellness Coach, I’m excited to support you with my mind+body+spirit coaching program and help you make healthy lifestyle changes so that you can live your best life!