These are my favorite products, resources and brands I personally use, not only because they keep me healthy and full of energy but because they are organic, plant-based and of top quality.

The cooking products listed here I found have helped me keep on track with eating healthy, time saving, and easy to use.

The protein powders I have found to be top quality – which is very important when starting your day off.  Not only do the flavors add amazing taste to your breakfast or anytime smoothie, they also give me a lot of energy that help sustain me throughout the day.

I’m a huge Amazon fan, I became a Prime member years ago.  So I buy the items I use most often and add them to the  Subscribe & Save feature Amazon has.  When I purchase a new item, I add a Dash Button to that order, so when I’m close to running out, it’s as simple as a click of a button to re-order. I can usually find some amazing deals through Amazon.  Or if you’re lucky enough to have Whole-Foods grocery store in your area (Amazon acquired them) then you have double-benefits and double the resources.  Sometimes I find better deals in the store and sometimes online.  I go to both to see who has the best deal at the time. I may or may not receive affiliate $ from these products.