MS and Gratitude

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Expressing Gratitude Has So Many Health Benefits

Have you ever wondered why people are so happy? Or wondered what they are doing to create this space for themselves? Learn how they do it in this article.

Having an attitude of gratitude

By changing our attitude, we can change our lives.

Now as simple as that many seem, when it comes to your health, your thoughts play a major role in how you perceive yourself and others in this world.

One way to adjust our attitude is to begin incorporating gratitude into our lives.

As we begin to become thankful for all that we have, we actually change the energy in our bodies to a positive state – and that changes the actual chemistry of the body! It lifts our mood, improves MS symptoms and a general sense of well-being.

Approaching life with an “Attitude of Gratitude” isn’t always easy.

Sometimes you just can’t think of anything to be grateful for right now or that after thinking of just a few things, you get stuck with all of the things that aren’t going right for you.

Keep a Gratitude Journal.The best time to do this is in the morning, when your mind is clear and fresh. Start by listing all that you are grateful for. If you begin to have negative thoughts, you can write them down, too. Just allow yourself to write. If you find that you are only writing negative things, eventually you will run out. Try to come up with at least one small thing you are grateful for, it may be the roof over your head or the fact that you can tie your shoes with ease.

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Please share your thoughts in the comments below.....

  • Where do you struggle with gratitude?

  • What do you do to express gratitude?

  • Do you have a daily practice to express?

  • How do you envelope the "attitude of gratitude" as a feeling and not just an act?


Jen Martin is a Master Certified Wellness Coach, specializing in helping women with Multiple Sclerosis to skyrocket energy levels, manage MS symptoms and improve overall health naturally, so that you can transform from Fatigued to Fabulous! The MS Energy Blueprint is your personalized roadmap to your health and wellness success.

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