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Healthy Living Programs

What would it feel like to take back control of your health & your life?

Whether you have an Auto-Immune Disorder or are just looking to improve your overall health & wellness, I have programs to fit your needs.

With my proven Wellness 360 Holistic System, you will achieve your health & wellness goals, creating life-long transformation.

Look through the programs and see what resonates with you. Not sure which one you need?

Schedule a complimentary - no obligation MS Energy Audit call with me and we'll put an action plan together.

What would it feel like to get support and accountability to get you back on track with your health & wellness goals?

Do you need to:

  • Lose weight

  • Learn how to heal the whole body

  • Improve your nutrition

  • Learn how to say no without feeling guilty

  • Improve your healthy lifestyle

  • Change your mindset

  • Learn how to eat healthy on-the-go

  • Gain access to more healthy recipes

During this 30 day support program, we’ll work together through the 6 steps, that are customized to you.

What's included:

  • Four 1:1 live coaching calls (1 hour duration)

  • Weekly blueprints + homework/research

    • JumpStart Nutrition

    • JumpStart Self-care

    • JumpStart Lifestyle

    • JumpStart Mindset

  • Additional handouts specifically for your challenges

  • I walk with you step-by-step with loving guidance

  • Access to instructional and inspirational videos

  • Limited email support





What would it feel like to take back control of your MS symptoms and your health?

Do you need help with:

  • Skyrocketing your energy levels

  • Managing MS symptoms

  • Improve your overall health naturally

  • Lose weight (bonus)

  • Clear brain fog

  • Regain focus and clarity

  • Learn appropriate self-care

  • How to find your inner healer

  • How to truly live a holistic lifestyle

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Heal the whole body

  • Change to a positive mindset

  • Healing gut health

  • Learn appropriate exercise/movement

  • Re-gain independence

  • Improve mobility issues

  • Zap depression and anxiety

  • Reduce pain

  • Reduce neuropathy

  • Get rid of migraines/headaches

  • Reverse fatigue

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Improve mood swings

  • and so much more

then my flagship coaching program is for you!

What's included:

  • Six 1:1 live coaching calls (1 hour duration)

  • All that's included from JumpStart +

  • A total of 6 blueprints (1 sent weekly) from the MS Energy Blueprint System

  • VIP Additional handouts specifically for your challenges

  • My guidance how to achieve your health goals

  • Access to instructional and inspirational videos

  • VIP Unlimited email support

  • Access to my private Facebook Group + tools, resources, tips, VIP recipes and DIY.

  • Journal to track your progress

  • BONUS: The MS Toolbox

  • BONUS: The Holistic Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide

  • My weekly newsletter - provides holistic healing modalities + additional tips & resources



You’ll experience the Fatigued to Fabulous 6-step MS Energy Blueprint proven transformational system that will help you move forward to achieve complete transformation with in-depth customized support and tons of personal access to me, you'll transform just like I did.

This program is perfect for the busy professional, and need to get a jump start developing positive habits.

This is a 4 week program - do it at your own pace

Do you need to:

  • Lose weight the right way

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve your nutrition

  • Improve your lifestyle

  • Switch your mindset

  • Learn how to eat healthy on-the-go

  • Change to positive habits

  • Find different exercise/movement strategies

What's included:

  • Weekly blueprints + Action items

  • Wellness Warrior Nutrition

  • Wellness Warrior Body

  • Wellness Warrior Self-care

  • Wellness Warrior Mindset



The group coaching experience with Master Coach Jen is phenomenal. It is something you want to be sure to do at least once in your lifetime!

The Value of the Group Experience:

  • An entire group of people helping you towards your goals

  • An atmosphere of confidentiality, safety, and trust

  • A ready-made place to utilize new relationship skills

  • A venue for learning different healthy living strategies in a positive and supportive way

  • An increased feeling of not being alone or isolated

  • The benefit of learning from others’ life experiences

  • Many powerful social influence processes

  • The development of new and lasting friendships

  • The ability to learn better (deeper and faster) due to additional reinforcement of concepts

  • The satisfaction of being able to mentor and encourage others

  • Valuable opportunities to ask questions, help others, and demonstrate what you have learned under the supervision of a highly trained coach and alongside invested peers

  • The incredible opportunity to learn amongst other like-minded women in a private, non-judgmental setting

The Group Coaching Session—How it Works: ​

  • The group coaching session lasts for 90 minutes and is bi-weekly.

  • Master Coach Jen guides the group, and the format is spontaneous. So, the group’s members (not just the coach) are giving each other feedback, thus becoming one another’s “coaches.”

  • ​A group requires a minimum 3-month commitment to give the group a fair chance to work for you. Members may continue in the group for as long as they are deriving benefit. You are welcome to stop any time after that.

  • ​With regular attendance, feelings of trust and connection will develop, which allow the powerful group processes to begin to occur and make phenomenal changes in participants’ lives.

FAQ: What if I am uncomfortable with the idea of discussing my challenges with a group?

​Group coaching is as effective as individual coaching, if not more so. Increase the joy in your life by requesting your spot in a group now!